Instructions for CMX® Universal Extensions

Instructions New from Billy Bob’s Universal Graphite Shaft Extension

Rough the inside of the shaft with a wire Coat the Expansion Plug with epoxy and insert into the butt of the extension

Insert the plug inside the extension. At this point there are 2 ways to install the extension. See Fig. 1 or Fig. 2

Fig. 1 Dry Fit

Dry Fit Method

Insert the ext. in the shaft butt.And simply tap the plug until you reach the resistance you need. Note* don’t go too far as you may have trouble removing the extension. You can remove the extension to apply the epoxy

Dry Fit Method

Be sure that you fill up the gaps and slots with plenty of epoxy.Also apply some epoxy into the butt end of the shaft.

When dry fitting the shaft you
may need to sand the top collar
if needed this will give it the proper depth insertion

Fig. 2 Wet Fit

Coat the Expansion Plug with epoxy.

Coat the Extension and open slots and insert the coated xpansion plug into the extension.

Insert the coated extension into the butt.

Once the extension is set into the shaft all the way in, start taping the expansion plug with a Philips Head screw driver, tap the plug until you reach the resistance you need.

Nice flush finish