Reshafting the PING G400 with .370 Parallel Tip Shaft

Replacing the Ping G 400 Hybrid .395 Shaft Tip with a standard .370 Parallel Tip Shaft

Let’s figure out how to re-shaft this Hybrid club, people call and order a .370 shaft to put in their Ping G400 Hybrid not knowing the hosel diameter is .395,and they fail to tell us, since 99.9 percent of the hybrids out there take a .370 parallel Tip Shaft.

Here are a few ways to make this a painless repair without going to Ping and get a special .395 shaft if they will sell only the shaft or sending the club to Ping and get it back in the next entury. These are simple repairs steps that can be done by you or your club builder.

Here are 2 ways to do this, one is Brass Shim this will fill and align the shaft to the hosel, next is using a .370 to .400 Universal Bushing Ferrule BB# 7008.

Using our bushing ferrule sleeve, you will need to shave small layers of plastic ribs with a micro belt as pictured, this takes a little skill but once you master it it’s simple. The Universal Brass Shim method is the easiest, but I will show both procedures.

Insert the Universal Brass Shim and install the NCF 3/4” Ferrule BB# 3025 and Finish the ferrule on the 1×42 Ferrule finishing belt and use acetone to polish.

With the turned down bushing sleeve dry fit it in the hosel, you will see it bottoms out and is a little too long, you will need to sand down approximately ¼” so that it will fit all the way down into the club.

You can use the ferrule, or you can cut it off, and use a ¾ inch Ferrule #3025

Hope this helps any questions you can always call us at Billy Bob’s 9:00 to 5:00 PST Mon – Fri 800 568 3868.